Road Trip Safety: Why Drivers Should Avoid Drowsy Driving

Whether you’re headed home from a long day at work in Caldwell or setting out on your first road trip of the summer across the Pacific Northwest, it is easy to find yourself yawning and straining to keep your eyes focused on the road. Drowsy driving is something that millions of Americans do each day but this bad driving decision is one that should never be made. 

Are You a Drowsy Driver?

Even if you’re just trying to get through your afternoon commute home on I-84, statistics show that drowsy driving can be a huge danger when on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that driving while drowsy leads to more than 100,000 accidents on the road each year in the US. 

Studies also show that people who work night shifts or late hours, those taking certain medications, commercial drivers, and those with untreated sleep disorders are at the highest risk of driving while drowsy. If you fit into any of these categories it is a good idea to always have a backup plan set in place in the event that you fell too tired to drive safely.

The first line of defense when driving on the open road is investing in comprehensive and affordable auto insurance coverage from your local, independent agency. We make it easy to get the right level of coverage to suit your needs by helping you compare quotes from multiple national providers online in just minutes. 

Protect Yourself from Accidents on the Road

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What Is Toy Insurance In Caldwell

Toy insurance in Caldwell is something you should explore if you have a high-priced vehicle that is not considered an automobile. This will ensure you have financial protection in the event that there is damage sustained to it through an act of nature or an accident.

Some of the toys that need to be insured include:

  • Classic cars
  • Boats and water vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  •  UTVs
  • Snow vehicles

Whatever it is that you have, insurance will help you to protect it. You will want to file a claim with an insurance company to have them make the repairs or replacement than for the money to come out of pocket. Many companies provide toy insurance in Caldwell and instead of calling all of them individually, you can simply call and speak to an agent at All About Insurance.

You may have a boat, a jet ski, a snowmobile, or some other kind of toy. When you have insurance, you can use your toys with more frequency and enjoy them with confidence knowing that there is an insurance policy providing protection. You don’t want to pay for damages out of pocket and there are policies to prevent this from happening.

Not all insurance companies provide toy insurance, or the level of coverage that you are looking for. With our help, we can see to it that you learn of the best companies that are licensed to provide policies in Idaho – and we will help you every step of the way.

At All About Insurance, you can count on us to provide you with toys insurance quotes that you can rely on. Call today and learn more about how one of our independent agents can help you with a toy insurance policy in Caldwell.