Have a Fun and Safe Time While Barbecuing

Barbecuing is a fun way to cook food, especially during Idaho’s beautiful summer months. Every year, though, people throughout Idaho and across the country have grilling-related accidents. Here are some simple safety tips to keep in mind for your next barbecue. Hopefully, following these tips will help you avoid having to file a homeowners insurance claim for a grilling accident at your house.

It’s easy to stay safe while you’re barbecuing, as long as you follow some common-sense suggestions. Every time you light up a grill, make sure to:

  • have read the grill’s instruction manual
  • bring a fire extinguisher outside with you
  • keep the grill way from any low-hanging trees or nearby bushes

How to Find Insurance

Even if you take every safety precaution, you can’t completely rule out a possible accident. To protect you from potential grilling mishaps, you should insure your home with a homeowners policy that provides the coverage you need.

At All About Insurance, we make finding homeowners insurance easy for residents of Caldwell, ID. Homeowners insurance agents at our office answer calls every day that our office is open, and they’re all independent insurance agents. They’ll be glad to answer your insurance questions and compare policies from different insurers for you.

Alternatively, you can use our website to find homeowners policies that are available in Caldwell. Of course, as an independent agency we shop around the different carriers for you when you use our online tool.

If you aren’t sure whether your current homeowners policy would cover a grilling accident, contact us. We’ll get you set up with a policy that provides the protection you need, including coverage for grilling accidents.




Clean Your House Faster with These 3 Home Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning a home takes a lot of time, especially if you live in a large house with many rooms, but there are many good reasons to keep your home neat and organized. A clean home not only impresses guests, but it also reduces the likelihood of an accident. Every homeowner in Idaho struggles to find enough time to clean their house, though. That’s why at All About Insurance, we have compiled this short list of home cleaning hacks. Hopefully, these will help clean your house faster, and maybe you’ll even avoid an accident that would necessitate a homeowners insurance claim.

3 Ways to Clean Your Home Faster

If you were to chart how you spend your time cleaning in a pie chart, you’d find that not all cleaning tasks require the same amount of time. One, in particular, probably takes up much of your cleaning time. Stains are notoriously difficult to remove, and it’s easy to spend an hour trying to remove a stain.

Here are three ways you can quickly remove some common household stains:

  • buff out water spots with a dryer sheet
  • microwave white vinegar and wipe out the inside of your microwave to remove food stains in it
  • use oil to remove oil-based stains

Find Homeowners Insurance Quicker

In the time you save cleaning, you can find a homeowners insurance policy. At All About Insurance, we offer quick and convenient ways to shop for a policy. First, you can use our website to easily compare offerings from different insurers. Second, you can call one of our independent insurance agents and discuss the differences in policies directly with them. Since our agents are independent, they can shop every carrier’s policies for you.

To get started, go on our website or call us. Serving Caldwell, ID, homeowners insurance agents at our office will get you the right policy for your home and budget, regardless of whether you go online or call us directly.