Give Your Car a Check-Up

With fall comes the season for checkups. Kids need shots for school and physicals for sports teams, and most everyone should get a flu shot. Fall checkups aren’t just limited to people, though. In addition to making sure you and your family are healthy this fall, you should also give your car a checkup before winter comes. There are two aspects to an automotive checkup: routine maintenance and shopping for insurance coverage.

Getting Your Car a Tune-Up

Fall is the perfect time of year for taking care of routine maintenance. Making sure your car runs well now will reduce the likelihood that it breaks down during winter. It’s better to invest a little money in maintenance before snow starts coming than to be stranded on the side of the road in the middle of Caldwell, ID’s winter.

Even if you’ve stayed on top of oil changes, tire rotations and brake inspections, you may still want to have a mechanic give your car a tune-up. A tune-up is like a checkup for cars. Your mechanic will look it over and make sure everything is running well.

Checking Your Car’s Insurance

Checking your car’s insurance is just as important as taking care of its maintenance needs. After all, it’s illegal to drive in Idaho without the required minimum insurance coverage.

The easiest way to check your insurance coverage is to ask an independent insurance agent, like one of our agents, to review your policy with you. Our agents can help you:

  • make sure your policy at least meets the state’s minimum auto insurance requirements
  • suggest other coverages that aren’t legally required but provide important protections
  • shop around for an auto insurance policy that is less expensive than your current one

If you’d like help with any of these things, contact us at All About Insurance Inc. You can reach us through our website.


College Students & Auto Insurance: 3 Savings Tips

Attending college is an exciting time in life. However, insurance premiums as a young adult can be astronomical if you aren’t careful. Here are three tips for saving on auto insurance for college students.

#1: Work Hard and Get Good Grades

One of the easiest ways for college students to save money on auto insurance is to work hard and get good grades. By having a high grade point average, you are showing your insurance company just how committed and responsible you really are—which can translate into a substantial discount on your monthly insurance premium. In most cases, all you have to do is show a copy of your most recent transcript to your agent.

However, it is important to remember that each carrier has different benchmark requirements as to what constitutes as a positive report card. While some only allow those with a 3.0 GPA or higher to qualify, others offer discounts for lower academic achievement.

#2: Get a Renter’s Policy

If you live in off-campus housing, purchasing a renter’s policy is a great way to save money on your car insurance rates. Many carriers offer special bundling discounts for those who have multiple lines of coverage, which can save you quite a bit. In addition, by having renter’s insurance, you will be taking a proactive approach to protecting your personal belongings inside your apartment in case there is a fire, theft, or other incident.

#3: Keep a Clean Driving Record

Okay, this one probably comes as no surprise. Keeping a clean driving record is the easiest way to save money on auto insurance. Make sure you obey all traffic laws—both on-campus and in the surrounding area. Many college and University tickets for speeding and parking violations can end up on your driving record, which will impact how much you pay to keep your vehicle insured.

For more information on auto insurance coverage as a college student, please contact our team at All About Insurance Inc. today!