6 Tips You Need To Know For Your Winter Driving

When you live in Nampa, Idaho, you are going to face rough winter conditions from time to time. While you are out on the roads, there are six tips that you can follow in order to reduce the risk of an accident. More than 500,000 accidents occur every year, and you may be able to prevent one less from taking place.

Keep Your Distance

The last thing you want to do when there is snow and ice on the roads is follow too closely to the car in front of you. Keep your distance by several car lengths so you don’t rear-end them if they hit their brakes abruptly.

Invest in Snow Tires

Snow tires are designed to deliver traction when there is ice on the roads. The tires can be costly, but when you can avoid a collision, you will be glad that you had them put on.

Look for Hazards

Always look for hazards, even when they are not immediately in your path. Look for shadows ahead as well as possible obstacles, such as a deer crossing the road or a car broken down on the side of the road.

Be Alert

Be alert as you drive. It can be easy to drift off while staring at all of the snow covered sights. When you stay alert to road conditions, you are going to be a safer driver.

Don’t Depend on 4WD

4WD is great when it comes to providing traction, but not so much for corners and braking.

Prepare for the Worst

You don’t want to breakdown in Idaho and be unprepared. Keep a flashlight, gloves, and jumper cables in your car for those “just in case” scenarios. This way, should something happen, you can be comfortable until you get help.

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Caldwell, ID Can Get Cold: Getting Your New Home Ready for Winter

It’s fun and exciting to buy a home, but then you have to learn how to maintain that home the right way. That’s usually pretty easy, but as winter approaches it can be more difficult. To get your Caldwell, ID home ready for the cold weather, there are some specific things you can do. For example, take a careful look at all of your railings, sidewalks, and steps. If there are areas of damage or other problems, get them fixed. Those problems can become even more serious when they’re hidden under ice and snow.

You also want to make sure you’re going to be warm and safe inside your home all winter long, so you should get your furnace or other heating source serviced. Maintaining your heater should generally be done by a professional, especially if you’re not really sure how to service it or whether it needs any repairs. If you have the pros come look at your heating system, you can feel confident that any repairs can be made and you won’t have to worry about breakdowns when it’s cold outside. Just in case your heat goes out, have some warm clothes and blankets where you can easily get to them.

With the right home owners policy through All About Insurance Inc your Caldwell, ID home will be financially protected, too. Even if something goes wrong, like a pipe breaks or there’s some kind of damage from ice or snow, your insurance policy can help you avoid a lot of financial loss and get any problems fixed quickly. Talking to your agent about what kind of coverage you really need before winter arrives can mean you’re better prepared. Then you’ll have less to worry about over the cold months, and you can just enjoy the winter wonderland and your lovely new home.