Insure Your Valuable Christmas Gifts This Year

It is easy to get excited about Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Don’t forget to insure these large ticket items, whether you are purchasing them for friends or receiving them from family. Cars, expensive jewelry, or electronics can all be taken into consideration when you want to protect your newly acquired valuables. All About Insurance Inc. is an independent insurance agency that can help determine the coverage you will need for your valuable gifts. The agents will research the type of policies that are required and will give you the best selection of coverage.

Many people can use their home or renters’ insurance to cover their Christmas fits, but independent agents at All About Insurance Inc. will be able to guide you if you need additional coverage. A valuable’s policy, or rider provides for all the items covered. The independent agents can offer advice and information that will lead you to an informed decision about protecting your purchases. Check with your independent agent to learn more about the different types of protection that you can purchase to ensure that your property is protected.

All About Insurance Inc. employs a team of well-trained professionals that are authorized to handle customer inquiries, policy changes, and claim information. These independent insurance agents are available to gather information from major companies and give you the best coverage possible.

In Caldwell, Idaho the independent insurance agents at All About Insurance Inc. can help you find the right type of coverage you need for your expensive Christmas gifts. Don’t worry about buying an expensive gift for the holidays this year. Talk with All About Insurance Inc. Agents so they can help you protect your valuable gifts.

How Home Liability Coverage Can Protect You

A lot can happen in your home. You may invite friends over, contractors can visit to make repairs, and much more. You want to make sure that your homeowner’s insurance policy is capable of providing sufficient protection in the event that something happens to someone who is on your property.

As the homeowner, you are almost always held financially responsible for anyone’s injuries. This means that if a friend gets into a car accident on the way home because of having too much to drink at your house or a contractor falls off the roof and doesn’t have his own liability insurance, you could be held liable.

The good news is that almost always your homeowner’s insurance policy has some kind of home liability coverage inside of it. You simply need to know how much coverage is in place and whether you need to raise the limits for add additional liability coverage.

The coverage has the ability to cover such expenses as:

  • Legal costs
  • Pain and suffering settlements
  • Medical bills
  • Wages lost from not working

In the event that someone dies as a result of an accident on your property, death benefits can also be covered.

You never know how severe anything is going to be. While you hope that no one ever gets hurt, the possibility is always there. You need to have home liability coverage in place to provide financial protection so that you don’t pay for these different costs out-of-pocket.

At All About Insurance Inc. we are committed to helping you find affordable home liability coverage that can protect you and your home in Nampa, Idaho. Call and speak to one of our agents today where we can begin customizing a policy in getting quotes from top insurance companies.