Why You Should Update Your Insurance Policy

Most people believe that the only times you should speak with your insurance agent are when you’re buying your policy or when you have to make a claim.  Not many people realize that insurance should be updated over time, and that can cost them money down the road when the need to file future claims arises.  Here are a few times when you’ll want to reach out to your insurance agent and see what steps it takes to update your policies.

When Your Insurance Needs Change

Are you getting married soon?  Will your teenager be getting their license in the next several months?  Are you moving from renting an apartment to owning a house or a condominium?  Or are you buying a new car soon?  In all of these cases, you should reach out to your insurance agent to see what your options are.  Sometimes premiums will go up, other times you may qualify for certain discounts on your rates.

When You Make Changes to Covered Items

Are you remodeling your home?  Are you buying a different type of vehicle from before (i.e. going from a sedan to an SUV)?  Looking to add a security system or fire sprinklers?  Adding bigger ticket items like pricey jewelry or electronics?  Newer, fancier things are great –as are those impressive remodels that add square footage and usable space- but they can make the cost to rebuild pricier in case of fire or other loss.  You’ll want to make sure your insurance policies all cover the right amount for full replacement value of your belongings; plus safety features can potentially net you a discount.

When Your Lifestyle Changes

Are you retiring soon?  Making changes to benefit your health (such as quitting smoking)?  Your agent may be able to offer you discounts on your insurance, depending on what changes you’re making.

At All About Insurance Inc., our friendly and professional team of insurance agents knows and understands all of the changes life will hand you.  Whether you’ll be making huge life changes or small ones, they’ll help you figure out the best insurance policies for your needs.  Contact them today!

Safe Driving Habits You Need to Be Using

To keep everyone inside of a vehicle safe at all times, the best course of action is always to practice safe driving habits. Vehicle tech can improve a car’s safety potential, but until driverless cars become a norm, total safety still relies on the ability of the driver. Defensive driving is the best way to avoid accidents and prevent speeding tickets. Many of these safe driving habits are straight forward, and while simple, may be the difference between saving a life and avoiding injury. All About Insurance Inc wants to make sure you and all other drivers practice safe driving habits in and around Caldwell, ID.

3-4 Second Rule

One of the most important habits to practice is remain 3 to 4 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you. This is especially important when on the highway as it takes longer to stop at high speeds. Driving right behind someone’s bumper doesn’t accomplish anything other than putting you and your passenger’s in harm’s way. By staying 3-4 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you, stopping becomes much easier without the potential of injury. How do you know how far back you are? Pick out an object on the side of the road, such as a sign, post or tree, then count down to how long it takes you to pass it after the vehicle ahead of you passes it. If you pass it in less than three seconds, slow down. 

Have an Escape Option

Having a quick out is a must. If the vehicle in front of you crashes into something, where will you turn? This might be the median, the walkway to the right or an open lane. Understanding your surroundings allows you to know what is going on and here you can go in an emergency. Knowing your escape options improves your chance of avoiding injury in the event of an accident ahead of you.