Tools Every Driver Needs When Driving in Caldwell

One of the best ways to protect any valuable asset is by purchasing insurance for it. When it comes to your automobiles, insurance should be viewed as a necessity for both protection and compliance with the law. In addition to insurance, all drivers should keep these tools in the car when traveling because you never know when they may prove to be of the utmost value. 

Jack and Jack Stand

In order to work underneath your vehicle, it needs to be lifted up in a safe manner, and this also applies when changing a tire. If you don’t have a jack and jack stand, you may find yourself stranded on the side of the road unable to fix a minor repair because you can’t lift the vehicle. 

Proper Lug Wrench

You can’t change a flat tire if you can’t get the lug nuts off the wheel. Depending on your car, you may have to use a special lug nut that fits only the wheels on your car. You’ll want to make sure you have the proper lug wrench to fit your lug nuts before taking off on any trip. 


Keeping a flashlight in the car is also paramount to being able to work on your vehicle during the night when it’s dark. Most smartphones have a flashlight feature, which is great because most people keep their cell phones on them when traveling. A flashlight will also be helpful if you need to walk down the road because your vehicle has stalled. 

To learn more about the right tools to keep in your vehicle, contact All About Insurance Inc today. 

How to Choose Emergency Equipment for Each Room in your Home

Some Indiana insurance agents might require that you have certain emergency equipment installed before you receive coverage. To ensure safety for your entire household, you also will want to know what supplies you need in each room of your home. 

Supplies you Need On Every Floor

You need at least one fire extinguisher and smoke alarm on every floor. Also, it also is wise to have at one carbon monoxide detector on every level. Larger homes might require more than one of this equipment on each floor, and you want to place emergency lights, batteries and first aid supplies in as many locations as possible.

Equipment and Supplies Needed in Each Room

You could place extras of each one of these throughout your home as well. However, these are the primary sites for this equipment and supplies.

Kitchen/Dining Area – Fires in the kitchen account for a majority of house fires. Therefore, this is one place that most often needs a fire extinguisher and first aid supplies. You also can store extra food and water in your cabinets.

Living Room – Keep an emergency radio in here. If landline service is available, have a line installed just in case your cell phone service dies. You also might want to have an alternate source of Internet, and this is one location where you can find a place to store your emergency contacts.

Bedroom – Store extra clothing, at least, one blanket, and a pair of shoes in a fire-resistant chest in an easily-accessible location. It also might help to have an emergency escape ladder.

You also might have other ideas of what to store for any type of disaster during different times of the year. For instance, you might want to keep extra toiletries, hygiene supplies and (safe) emergency fuel on hand. Additionally, you will want to contact All About Insurance Inc serving Caldwell, ID to learn more about the types of homeowner’s insurance required for fires and natural disasters.