5 Tips to Reuse Cleaning Supplies in Caldwell

Your cleaning supplies should get a good work-out on a regular basis, but are you really getting the most out of them? If you’re only used to using them for their designated purposes, then maybe it’s time you think outside the label. Here are 5 tips to get more. 

Denture Tablets In the Bathroom 

The bubbles created by them works air into tight places, so they can actually be broken in half and dropped down a blocked drain. 

Window Washing Fluid In the Living Room

If your kid wiped his dirty hands on your newly upholstered chair, you can actually break out the window washing fluid if you’re out of stain treatment. Just spray and rub in with a soft-bristled brush. 

Soap As a First Aid Tool

Liquid dish soap can be used if your kid skins his knee both to clean it up or as an ice pack. If you put soap into a sealed bag to freeze, it actually lasts longer because of its melting point.

Window Washing Fluid As a Pest Controller 

These are actually good pest controllers too, though it doesn’t eliminate the process of chasing after the winged ones. Spray them down, clean up the mess and then get them out of your house. 

Soap In the Garage 

Grease comes in all forms, and soap works in the same way on everything it comes in contact with. Fill up a bucket and get those oily concrete floors clean again. 

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Spring Cleaning: Don’t Just Wash Your Car, Deep Clean It

Beautiful weather means it’s time for spring cleaning. While you may deep clean your house during spring cleaning, many times your car doesn’t get the same treatment. If your car is showing it’s age, here’s how to get it truly clean and as close to brand new as possible.

Cleaning the Dash and Vents

You’ve probably got a layer of dust on your dash and your vents. If you just try to wipe it away, it will settle somewhere in your car. You need a vacuum with a hose attachment and a paintbrush. You remove the dust with the brush and vacuum it up as you go. This will let you get into all those small spaces on your dash, and actually remove the debris.

Leather and Vinyl Interior 

A magic eraser will remove most of the icky stuff on your hard surfaces. If it doesn’t do the trick, pick up some Tuff Stuff and an old toothbrush. Spray on the Tuff Stuff and scrub the icky mess away quickly and easily. After everything is nice and clean, you can use Olive Oil in place of Armor All to shine your dash and other hard surfaces.


After you vacuum your interior, you’ll want to use the Tuff Stuff and toothbrush to get out any stains. You can also use a light coat of Tuff Stuff over all the interior to brighten it up and make it look newer. As for your floor mats, spray them with Tuff Stuff or a stain remover and throw them into the washing machine to get them looking like new.

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