Fall Time Checklist for Home Protection

Fall isn’t just the time to change the smoke alarms inside a home. It’s also a good time to prepare a home for winter and the wet season for Caldwell, ID. A large number of house problems that can cause serious damage can be avoided with some simple precautions. According to All About Insurance Inc., here’s how:

  • Rake up and clear out all debris and dead leaves in and around the house. Dead leaves can easily catch fire when dry and create a fire hazard for a home.
  • Clean out the roof gutters from any big debris. Plug up gutters tend to fill with water and then tear off the roof with the unexpected weight. The sitting water can also cause wood rot underneath the roof.
  • Clean out all drainspouts and channel falling water away from the foundation. Water can be a powerful force in eroding soil and stone, damaging a home’s base.
  • Check and repair the backyard fence for old, weak sections. Strong storms make mincemeat of old wood fences, blowing down huge sections when a weak part fails.
  • Confirm the yard and backyard drainage are working properly. This will avoid a sudden lake next to the house during heavy rains.
  • Check and replace the home ladder before using it. Ladder falls are the number one cause of a broken leg for people over 40 during the holidays.
  • Clean out and service the fireplace. Gunked up chimneys can trap hotspots and contribute to home fires at night.
  • Check the HVAC channels for leaks in the attic and patch them. A channel leak can lose hundreds of dollars in heating each month.

For more tips and advice on how to prevent damage common during the winter, folks in the Caldwell, ID area can give All About Insurance Inc. a call. Their expert agents have seen all types of winter home risks and know how simple prevention can make a big difference between a disaster and enjoying the holidays.

Tips to Avoid Winter Auto Repars

Nobody wants to take their vehicle into the auto garage. You never really know how much it might end up costing you in the end, but more likely than not it will be at least a few hundred dollars. At All About Insurance Inc, we want to keep your vehicle on the road and you safe, whether you’re driving in Caldwell, ID or anywhere else. By following these general tips, you can avoid costly repairs and even traffic accidents. 

Wash Your Car

Maybe the easiest and most important tip, you need to regularly wash your vehicle, especially in the winter. Over time, the salt used to clear roads of snow and ice will corrode and eat away at the underside of your vehicle, developing rust. This can lead to costly repairs and unnecessary accidents. By washing your vehicle on a regular basis (at least once every other week during the height of winter), you’ll remove the salt. Just make sure to have the undercarriage washed out during the wash. 

Don’t Forget the Filters

Having the oil changed is important. It is the lifeblood of your vehicle. However, when you change out the oil you should also change out all the filters as well. The oil filter prevents dirt and other particles from sticking inside the engine. You should also consider having your air filter replaced as well at this time. Your air filter is easy enough to replace you can do this yourself, but however you do it, the filters keep your vehicle running smoothly. 

Check the Fluids

It is more than just oil. Make sure to check the coolant levels in your vehicle as well. In the winter, parts of your vehicle will contract, which can cause small leaks. This in turn may reduce the amount of coolant you have in your vehicle. Check these levels to keep your vehicle running. 

These are just some of the basic auto tips we have for you at All About Insurance Inc to help keep your Caldwell, ID vehicle running smoothly.