Winter Readiness Reduces the Risk of Car Accidents

Is your car ready for winter? If you haven’t taken these six steps, it might not be as prepared to safely drive in the cold as those riding with you deserve.

Step 1: Check Your Antifreeze

Your engine’s antifreeze levels can mean the difference between getting to work on time or having to explain a late arrival to your boss. If you’ve gone more than 30,000 miles since your coolant was last changed, add a coolant flush to the list of preparations.

Step 2: Check the Heating Elements

Although an engine puts out a fair amount of warmth, you’ll still want to have heated air and window defrosters on hand when it gets chilly.

Step 3: Check Your Wipers and Wiper Fluid

Winter can attack your car from above with rain, sleet, snow, and hail. A sturdy set of new wipers and a full tank of washing fluid will prevent them from blocking your view with the assault.

Step 4: Prepare a Winter Emergency Kit

Add winter survival equipment to your car’s emergency kit, such as thick blankets, a shovel for snow, and a chain to get grip in the slush.

Step 5: Take Basic Maintenance Steps

An oil change, a tire rotation, and a general vehicle tune-up are always valuable for improving the performance and safety of your vehicle. Since you’ll be doing other automobile care checks, it only makes sense to start with an overview of your vehicle’s health.

Step 6: Don’t Ride without Coverage

The only thing worse than being in an automobile accident is dealing with the aftermath of the incident without any financial support. For covering damage to your automobile, you’ll want a reliable insurance provider like All About Insurance Inc ready to lend a helping hand.

What are the Various Options for Coverage on my Car?

The citizens of Caldwell, ID understand that a certain level of minimum car insurance is required by law in order to possess a driver’s license and operate a motor vehicle; however, is this level of coverage truly appropriate for someone who drives their car regularly? After all, a car is an expensive investment and deserves to be protected. What are the levels of coverage that someone can choose from?

The minimum level of coverage is called liability only. This meets the legal requirements for the area and will provide funding to the other person’s car should their car be damaged in an accident; however, liability only will not provide any funding to repair the damages to the policyholder’s car. This is minimal coverage and could still leave the policyholder with an expensive repair cost.

Many people in Caldwell, ID invest in a level of coverage called collision coverage. This is a solid level of coverage that will pay to fix every vehicle involved in a motor vehicle accident. This means that someone involved in a car accident will have funding to fix both their car and the car of the other person involved. While this is great protection, there is still another level that covers more damages.

This highest level of coverage is called comprehensive coverage. This means that if the car is damaged for any reason, including a natural disaster or an "act of God," the policy will pay to repair the car. People looking for complete protection for their vehicle should select this level of coverage.

Anyone looking for car insurance should contact All About Insurance Inc. All About Insurance Inc has worked hard to place the needs of their customers ahead of their own. Call today for more information!