Your nursery is ready, but are you?

Having a baby is an exciting time of life, full of new experiences and preparations. Whether you are bringing a baby into your life through birth or adoption, there is lots to do to get ready for your family to expand. From picking names to purchasing clothes, toys, and everything else you need for your new family member, the task list may seem endless. However, each new task brings a sense of joy and anticipation for all the memories to be made with your baby as you start a new phase of life.

When you get ready for your baby, there are lots of lists online and in books that are meant to help make sure you take care of everything you need: shopping lists, classes to take, and ways to prepare other family members (and pets) for the baby. Lists help explain what to expect with a new baby, how to adjust to a new schedule, and how to make sure you still have time with other friends and family members once your new baby is taking up a lot of your time.

So as you make sure that every aspect of your life is ready for a new baby, don’t forget to make changes to what you already have in place. Adding a new family member means you have new family needs. Speaking with your local insurance agent about your life insurance will help make sure that the policy you have is what is needed for your current family needs. Just as you’ll change your health insurance to include the new baby, you may need to update your life insurance, as well.

For more information about getting the right life insurance for your growing family, contact your local agent at All About Insurance Inc. today.

The Many Kinds of Commercial Insurance

If you run a business in and around Caldwell, ID, you are able to find all sorts of different commercial insurance options. Of course, there are dozens of different commercial offerings, so looking at what might prove beneficial to your business is important. No matter the kind of business you run, there is always some form of insurance you can implement to better cover your company and employees. All About Insurance Inc is able to assist you with finding the right form of insurance that will protect your business assets.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This covers a worker if they are injured working on the job. It doesn’t cover injuries if they were neglecting safety rules or if they were horse playing inside of the facility. However, in almost all other cases they are protected and the workers’ compensation pays for their time away from work. 

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

This is used for larger corporations. Should a lawsuit not necessarily come after the business but instead members on the board of directors, this insurance coverage helps cover the cost of lawsuits when the suit comes up. 

Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is different from traditional auto insurance. If you use your car for business you may need to cover your vehicle with commercial insurance as well. Make sure to talk this over with the All About Insurance Inc representatives to ensure you know whether it is needed for your business. 

Liability Insurance

If someone sues your business for a variety of reasons, from slipping on a sidewalk in front of the building to saying they were injured using your products, liability insurance protects you and your company. It helps cover the cost of the lawsuit so everything does not come out of pocket. 

Why Life Insurance is Just as Important as Savings

Financial planning isn’t just about building up savings accounts and smart investing. It’s also about building the resources needed so that one doesn’t have to worry in the future. The typical categories of financial planning include both short-term and long-term components. The short-term category focuses on immediate liquidity. That includes an emergency savings account (usually 3-6 months of income) to deal with unexpected crises, a regular savings account, short-term speculative investing for profit, saving for a home down payment, and regular investing.

Long-term planning is another matter entirely. It involves planning for the next 20-40 years of living as well as taking care of loved ones afterwards. This includes built up investments for long-term return, savings, investments for value and safety, retirement planning and estate planning.

However, one aspect that can pop up at any time is the risk of a big accident or loss. This can be particularly acute when a family has a single-income earner. If he or she passes away, without access to immediate resources through life insurance bad things can happen. And everything one has worked for in the short and mid-term can be lost immediately as well.

This is where life insurance planning comes in. It builds and maintains the safety net one needs between short-term and long-term financial planning. And life insurance takes care of the risk in case the unexpected occurs, ensuring that loved ones don’t lose what has been earned so far, and are taken care of until they can get on their own feet financially. In this respect, life insurance is just as important to a family’s welfare as having a will and estate plan. There are simply too many ways everything worked for can be lost without a good life insurance plan in the background. And All About Insurance Inc. can help craft the ideal package for your family and needs.

What You Need to Know About Commercial Insurance in Millersville

Commercial insurance is sometimes seen as just a hassle for property owners and leasers, but can’t be taken lightly. People can know everything there is to know about their industry, but if they suffer an event that isn’t covered by their insurance, they may still go under. Here’s what you need to know before you decide on a policy. 

Coverage Matters

If you ask people who have standard insurance policies if their establishment is covered from flood, earthquake or windstorm, they’ll probably say yes. However, chances are they aren’t, and didn’t realize they needed additional provisions if they wanted it. Sometimes it only takes a little bit of water or wind to cause expensive damage, so this isn’t a weather woe to dismiss. The good news is most standard policies do cover many common events, but you’ll still need to account for additional circumstances that may befall your business. 

Protecting Your Business 

Commercial insurance is not like home insurance in that you rely on the property to make you money. Beyond just making the repairs, you need someone who can get reparations for you quickly so you’re back up and running for the sake of your customers and your reputation.  The right commercial insurance is the kind that will allow you to breathe easy at night. You won’t have to worry about potential ruin because of one bad forecast or litigation-happy customer. 

Choice and Consequence 

It’s not going to be easy to pick between your options for policies, which is why All About Insurance Inc. helps the people of Caldwell, ID make sense of what’s available to them. Calling on us means making a smart choice for your future, so contact us if you need more information or a quote!

Insure Your Valuable Christmas Gifts This Year

It is easy to get excited about Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Don’t forget to insure these large ticket items, whether you are purchasing them for friends or receiving them from family. Cars, expensive jewelry, or electronics can all be taken into consideration when you want to protect your newly acquired valuables. All About Insurance Inc. is an independent insurance agency that can help determine the coverage you will need for your valuable gifts. The agents will research the type of policies that are required and will give you the best selection of coverage.

Many people can use their home or renters’ insurance to cover their Christmas fits, but independent agents at All About Insurance Inc. will be able to guide you if you need additional coverage. A valuable’s policy, or rider provides for all the items covered. The independent agents can offer advice and information that will lead you to an informed decision about protecting your purchases. Check with your independent agent to learn more about the different types of protection that you can purchase to ensure that your property is protected.

All About Insurance Inc. employs a team of well-trained professionals that are authorized to handle customer inquiries, policy changes, and claim information. These independent insurance agents are available to gather information from major companies and give you the best coverage possible.

In Caldwell, Idaho the independent insurance agents at All About Insurance Inc. can help you find the right type of coverage you need for your expensive Christmas gifts. Don’t worry about buying an expensive gift for the holidays this year. Talk with All About Insurance Inc. Agents so they can help you protect your valuable gifts.

College Students & Auto Insurance: 3 Savings Tips

Attending college is an exciting time in life. However, insurance premiums as a young adult can be astronomical if you aren’t careful. Here are three tips for saving on auto insurance for college students.

#1: Work Hard and Get Good Grades

One of the easiest ways for college students to save money on auto insurance is to work hard and get good grades. By having a high grade point average, you are showing your insurance company just how committed and responsible you really are—which can translate into a substantial discount on your monthly insurance premium. In most cases, all you have to do is show a copy of your most recent transcript to your agent.

However, it is important to remember that each carrier has different benchmark requirements as to what constitutes as a positive report card. While some only allow those with a 3.0 GPA or higher to qualify, others offer discounts for lower academic achievement.

#2: Get a Renter’s Policy

If you live in off-campus housing, purchasing a renter’s policy is a great way to save money on your car insurance rates. Many carriers offer special bundling discounts for those who have multiple lines of coverage, which can save you quite a bit. In addition, by having renter’s insurance, you will be taking a proactive approach to protecting your personal belongings inside your apartment in case there is a fire, theft, or other incident.

#3: Keep a Clean Driving Record

Okay, this one probably comes as no surprise. Keeping a clean driving record is the easiest way to save money on auto insurance. Make sure you obey all traffic laws—both on-campus and in the surrounding area. Many college and University tickets for speeding and parking violations can end up on your driving record, which will impact how much you pay to keep your vehicle insured.

For more information on auto insurance coverage as a college student, please contact our team at All About Insurance Inc. today!

Renters Insurance Helps Tenants Fill Coverage Gaps

All insurance policies have conditions, limitations, and exclusions that can leave gaps in your coverage. For tenants, renters insurance can help fill in gaps that other coverages leave. While renters insurance policies have their own limits and exclusions, they are an important piece of a comprehensive insurance portfolio. If you rent an apartment in Caldwell, ID, here’s how renters insurance can complement other policies that you already might have.

Renters Insurance Fills in Gaps

The specific ways renters insurance might complement your existing insurance policies will depend both on the renters insurance policy you’re considering and your own insurance policies. You may be able to use renters insurance to:

  • protect your possessions when they’re in your car, which your auto insurance may not do
  • find liability coverage, which might cover you if you’re responsible for an accident
  • help cover the medical expenses related to a guest’s injury that happens while they’re in your apartment

Not every renters insurance policy will afford all of these protections. If you want these protections, however, you’re likely to find it in a renters insurance policy.

Our Agents Find Renters Insurance Policies

Since coverage options vary from policy to policy, it takes time to compare different policies. Our agents can help you speed up the renters insurance-shopping process, however, because they know what specific language to look for in a policy’s terms and conditions. They’re able to review a policy’s coverages quickly and tell you whether it provides the above coverages. All of our agents are independent insurance agents, so they can help you compare any insurer’s policies.

To get in touch with one of our agents, contact us at All About Insurance Inc. You can reach our personnel by contacting us through our website or calling our office.


Road Trip Safety: Why Drivers Should Avoid Drowsy Driving

Whether you’re headed home from a long day at work in Caldwell or setting out on your first road trip of the summer across the Pacific Northwest, it is easy to find yourself yawning and straining to keep your eyes focused on the road. Drowsy driving is something that millions of Americans do each day but this bad driving decision is one that should never be made. 

Are You a Drowsy Driver?

Even if you’re just trying to get through your afternoon commute home on I-84, statistics show that drowsy driving can be a huge danger when on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that driving while drowsy leads to more than 100,000 accidents on the road each year in the US. 

Studies also show that people who work night shifts or late hours, those taking certain medications, commercial drivers, and those with untreated sleep disorders are at the highest risk of driving while drowsy. If you fit into any of these categories it is a good idea to always have a backup plan set in place in the event that you fell too tired to drive safely.

The first line of defense when driving on the open road is investing in comprehensive and affordable auto insurance coverage from your local, independent agency. We make it easy to get the right level of coverage to suit your needs by helping you compare quotes from multiple national providers online in just minutes. 

Protect Yourself from Accidents on the Road

Don’t get caught without the right level of coverage when you need it the most! Instead, start comparing quotes online today with your local agents at All About Insurance and get the most out of your auto insurance coverage. 

What Is Toy Insurance In Caldwell

Toy insurance in Caldwell is something you should explore if you have a high-priced vehicle that is not considered an automobile. This will ensure you have financial protection in the event that there is damage sustained to it through an act of nature or an accident.

Some of the toys that need to be insured include:

  • Classic cars
  • Boats and water vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  •  UTVs
  • Snow vehicles

Whatever it is that you have, insurance will help you to protect it. You will want to file a claim with an insurance company to have them make the repairs or replacement than for the money to come out of pocket. Many companies provide toy insurance in Caldwell and instead of calling all of them individually, you can simply call and speak to an agent at All About Insurance.

You may have a boat, a jet ski, a snowmobile, or some other kind of toy. When you have insurance, you can use your toys with more frequency and enjoy them with confidence knowing that there is an insurance policy providing protection. You don’t want to pay for damages out of pocket and there are policies to prevent this from happening.

Not all insurance companies provide toy insurance, or the level of coverage that you are looking for. With our help, we can see to it that you learn of the best companies that are licensed to provide policies in Idaho – and we will help you every step of the way.

At All About Insurance, you can count on us to provide you with toys insurance quotes that you can rely on. Call today and learn more about how one of our independent agents can help you with a toy insurance policy in Caldwell.


Boise Idaho: A Life of Care

In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains Boise Idaho sprouted from the gold rush days in the 1800s. A fort established by British fur traders began bringing Europeans into the area. Then the Oregon Trail appeared and that fueled further growth. Today banking, business and government make up the economy. Julia Davis Park sits in the heart of the city. A rose garden and duck pond add to the greenery. The Boise Zoo satisfies a bit of the wild in the residents. Discovery Center makes exhibits for science interactive and engaging but also shows how art and music integrate easily into science. Downtown Boise has a shopping district. It has unique boutiques in addition to anchor stores. On the edge of the city, a set of outlets give bargain prices for designer clothes. Whatever your needs Boise Idaho has a way to handle it.

Taking Care of Business

An active lifestyle comes as a given in Boise Idaho. We your local agents would kindly like to remind you to live it to the fullest means taking care of items such as life insurance. Two types of life insurance exist: permanent and term. Term life insurance has a set time period on its coverage. You can renew it. It has specified constraints depending on the policy. Now your permanent life insurance lasts till you are 100 years old. Do not borrow money instead use your policy to fund college, pay medical expenses or debt. Policies exist for senior citizens. The best thing to do comes as talking to a set of local agents or going to the websites and getting a price quote. Compare policies including those special coverage areas. Drop by our offices and a pot of coffee awaits you.