What are the Various Options for Coverage on my Car?

The citizens of Caldwell, ID understand that a certain level of minimum car insurance is required by law in order to possess a driver’s license and operate a motor vehicle; however, is this level of coverage truly appropriate for someone who drives their car regularly? After all, a car is an expensive investment and deserves to be protected. What are the levels of coverage that someone can choose from?

The minimum level of coverage is called liability only. This meets the legal requirements for the area and will provide funding to the other person’s car should their car be damaged in an accident; however, liability only will not provide any funding to repair the damages to the policyholder’s car. This is minimal coverage and could still leave the policyholder with an expensive repair cost.

Many people in Caldwell, ID invest in a level of coverage called collision coverage. This is a solid level of coverage that will pay to fix every vehicle involved in a motor vehicle accident. This means that someone involved in a car accident will have funding to fix both their car and the car of the other person involved. While this is great protection, there is still another level that covers more damages.

This highest level of coverage is called comprehensive coverage. This means that if the car is damaged for any reason, including a natural disaster or an "act of God," the policy will pay to repair the car. People looking for complete protection for their vehicle should select this level of coverage.

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