Medicare Insurance in Idaho

As a local Caldwell, ID insurance agency, we understand how difficult it can be for many of our clients to find affordable private health insurance and Medicare insurance plans. Because of recent health reform changes, many of our clients have had a lot of questions about changes to their policies or the ways that they might access coverage in the coming year.

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According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Medicare helps 229,500 seniors and disabled people pay medical bills in this state. However, Medicare does not pay for everything, and many beneficiaries choose to sign up for a supplement or Medicare Advantage plan in order to help control costs and make certain that they have access to good providers. Since Medicare plans are not part of the new health insurance marketplaces, you are still free to access supplements or Advantage plans the way you always have, and we can help.

Individuals who do not get covered at work are still free to buy private health insurance. Marketplace plans cannot refuse people because of preexisting medical conditions, and some middle-income families may even qualify for subsidies in the form of tax credits. Our agency can help you with many different types of Idaho health insurance plans for your family or small business and clear up confusion about ways that the new rules might impact your family.

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There is not one best health insurance plan for every individual, family, or senior citizen in Caldwell. However, as a local and independent health insurance agency, we can help you balance costs and benefits to find the right solution from plans offered by multiple Idaho companies. You are welcome to contact us at your earliest convenience, and we also offer free online auto and home insurance quotes right here on our website.

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